Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps

21 May

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best devices to launch in 2013. With Google Play onboard, there’s a wealth of applications to boost the preinstalled apps.

When you first turn the device on, you’ll find a huge array of apps available to use right from the off.

You can see the best apps to download onto the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the gallery above, but here’s a lowdown of our favorite preinstalled apps:

* Flipboard

Think of Flipboard as a digital magazine, one that is populated with content and subject matter chosen by you. It’s visually stunning, can be placed as a widget on your home screen, and is always re-populating itself with the latest articles from all over the web.

* Dropbox

Dropbox is your drive in the cloud. Giving you 2GB of data for free, you can upload and access your files from anywhere thanks to the Android app. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S III or Note 2, you’ll also get 50GB free Dropbox storage for two years by simply logging in.

* Group Play

Group Play enables you to connect directly with others to share, play and co-create content and entertainment instantly. Its ‘Share Music’ option means you can have the same song playing on multiple phones in sync to create the best party atmosphere.

But it’s not just designed for music. You can also share documents and photos using Group Play. The new software also supports multi-user games as well, opening up myriad of gaming possibilities for you and your friends.

* S Planner

Located in your application drawer, S Planner will be the default choice for any calendar activity on your Android. This means it will open when you open it or when you interact with another app that uses your calendar.

* S Health

S Health is a total health and fitness suite on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The app will track your daily workouts, daily food and drink intake and even shows your comfort level based on temperature and humidity.

You can purchase a range of extra accessories to go with the app, such as heart monitors and scales to ensure all the data is in one place.

* S Voice

S Voice is a voice assistant. Most reliably, you can always depend on S Voice for weather information. Want to make a call or a text? Once more, you can depend on S Voice. It will even open an application with little more than a few choice words and search the web.

* Samsung Apps

There’s a wealth of content available on Samsung Apps, some of which cannot be found anywhere else.

It’s also simple to get the content downloaded and running on your Galaxy device as the entire store works in a similar fashion to Google’s Play portal.

* Samsung Hub

Available for free, Samsung Hub attempts to list all the latest and greatest applications, games, and content currently available via Google’s Play store.

It’s a curator service aimed at singling out the best of Android’s 600,000-plus applications and games.

* WatchON

Samsung’s WatchON feature provides a whole new world of entertainment on your device and on your TV.

WatchON debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S4, allowing you to view TV listings, both on-demand and live broadcasts on your device and transfer these onto a bigger screen.


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