Samsung Update Plus

09 Aug

Samsung Update Plus is a useful application designed for the Samsung computer users that want to keep their computer and software updated. This tool allows you to check the available updates and to install them on your computer with minimum effort.

If you own a computer and you want to get the best performance, you need to frequently check for updates for the operating system and the device drivers. These components are the most important for keeping the computer safe and stable.

With this software, Samsung intends to make this task easier by automating both the search and installation process. It is designed for the users that do not have time to manually search the latest patches but are interested in having a stable computer.

The main interface of the program allows you to search for updates and to select the ones that you want to install. A notification window warns you about the updates that require to be installed separately and forces the app to skip the other items until the first ones are installed.

The program is designed to run automatically at the computer start and to check for new updates. It allows you to configure its behavior by choosing to install all updates automatically or just to notify you about the available items.

You can use the included scheduler in order to choose the weekdays when the application is allowed to search for updates and to install them. If you want to view the recently installed updates you can check the Update History section for a chronological log.

Overall, the Samsung Update Plus application can help you save time by automating the update deployment on your Samsung computer. It can update both drivers and the operating system which recommends it for permanent use.


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Posted by on August 9, 2013 in Samsung


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