Samsung Smartphones To Soon Have 64-bit

16 Sep

Samsung has reportedly confirmed that its next range of smartphone would feature 64-bit processors.

This comes amidst Apple’s release of its next iPhones featuring A7, 64-bit processors, claimed to offer ‘desktop-class architecture’.

However, the Android operating system, on which the Samsung gadgets work, would require to be updated before the devices could be compatible to the 64-bit shift.

According to BBC, experts believe that most apps are unlikely to benefit immediately from the shift from 32-bit technology and could lead to compatibility problems in the future including more battery consumption.

The report said that operating systems written for 32-bit chips can only access up to 4GB of RAM, but those written for 64-bit processors can, in theory, support up to 16 billion gigabytes of RAM.

Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 3 handset would come with 3GB of RAM and also feature a bigger-than-normal 3,200 mAh battery.

Stephen Lum from Visual Candy Apps welcomed the shift and said that though many apps won’t be able to take advantage of 64-bit initially but the beauty of what Apple did is that they said it takes an iOS developer, like him, two hours to convert to 64-bit, which is amazing.

Chris Green from the Davies Murphy Group consultancy, said that when app makers do decide to transition to fully 64-bit, it will create a divide in the market, like seen in the Windows world when software makers moved from 32-bit to purely 64-bit, the report added.


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