Samsung Galaxy S5: Release Date Delayed to March or April Due to Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging

21 Oct

Samsung may be featuring another big thing in place of fingerprint scanner on the upcoming Galaxy S5 for 2014. New reports hinted an upgraded wireless charging technology called Magnetic Resonance for the smartphone to allow owners charge S5 wirelessly without requiring any docking ports but its release date may be moved to March or April.

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Magnetic Resonance

According to ETNews, Samsung is currently working on a new form of wireless charging and it will allow Galaxy S5 owners to charge the device at longer distances without requiring any charging pod.

Wireless charging known today requires a charging pod which receives the energy from the charger plugged on AC source and delivered to the device. For quite some time, rumours have spread about an upcoming new wireless charging and it seems like Samsung will make it come true in 2014.

However, reports also indicate that the technology may not be ready in early 2014 and probably during the middle of the year. Samsung aims to get the technology done by the middle of 2014 which makes Galaxy S5 launching date in March or April, similar with Galaxy S4 timeline.

If successful, upcoming Galaxy smartphones and tablets may feature Magnetic Resonance wireless charging technology.

Fingerprint Sensor

Primarily, Galaxy S5 has been rumoured to feature its own fingerprint sensor to match Apple’s iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, the technology planned to be used appears too young for quality.

Korea Herald reported Samsung’s skipping over its fingerprint technology feature on Galaxy S5 since it is not yet ready at this time. The company needs more time to improve their fingerprint sensor to match quality test for commercial use.

One possible device which may feature is the Galaxy Note 4. Note devices are usually announced at the middle of the year during September and October and it is logical for Samsung to decide on adding a fingerprint scanner on Note 4 to match quality, function and intelligence of the phablet.

“We never officially admitted that Samsung was weighing the fingerprint system and Knox for Galaxy Note 3 for security functions. We are not yet developing the technology,” an unnamed Samsung executive told Korea Herald.

Crucialtec, a Korean company, is the best bet to help out fingerprint sensor on Samsung mobile devices but Crucialtec remains behind Authentec in terms of patents and solutions which make their technology one year far from being stable.

Rumoured Technical Specifications

Nothing is clear yet regarding Galaxy S5 technical specifications as everything remains to be rumoured floating around. But some of them may probably happen in 2014.

* All-new design which probably made of metal

* Ultra-slim RAM chipset

* Slimmer battery pack

* Android 4.4 KitKat

* Exynos 6 processor with 64-bit support

* 13MP camera

* Wireless charging using Magnetic Resonance


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